The right time to buy floor tiles

If you are planning to build or renovate your house this year, now is the right time to choose your ceramic tiles

Demonstration giant sized exterior tiles

Usually, when a family has gotten their loan (or if they have the funds and decided to initiate their project), the woman wants to visit the kitchen and floor tile stores first.  Because she wants to visualize what her new kitchen or living room is going to look like.  With her husband, she is right to take care of this at the beginning.  Why is that?

Take your time

You will invest a lot of money in things no one will see like electrical wiring and piping.  But the choices you make concerning the ceramic tiles and flooring will be the first thing you see every morning.  And best would be that it still pleases you like that first morning. 

And it is important for your visitors too.  You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

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The danger of putting off until tomorrow

Experience shows us that expenditures often exceed the estimated budget for the different projects that come before the floor tile batch (heating, electricity, and plumbing).  Then we find that the model of floor tiles we have decided upon (but didn’t buy) are no longer available or financially impossible!  And you may have to accept a choice between 4 or 5 basic tiles suggested by the constructor.

The storage solution

time to stock your tiles
Find a place to stock your tiles
  • We often push off the right time to buy because we don’t know where to stock the palettes of floor tiles while waiting to lay the tiles.  When I sold floor times in the home, I offered free storage to my clients (in a barn belonging to a farmer).  He had a forklift to place the palettes and was available to load when the tile contractor came to bring them to the building site.  The name of the client was written on the plastic cover.  
  • You can ask your supplier to stock your floor tiles for 6 months while waiting for the tile contractor to start his part of the work.  When ordering in France, it is habitual to make a payment of one-third of the invoice when the order is signed.  And, of course, once the floor tiles have been transported to the storage place, you should expect to pay the remainder. 
  • Your supplier has already paid for transport and for the floor tiles once they leave the factory.  So if you would like for him to stock your palettes, (and that he does it for free), you need to check that the tiles are in his warehouse (with your name written on the slipcover with a black permanent marker) and just pay the invoice.  It is a matter of cash-flow for the store owner.  And you already have the money available from your loan, haven’t you? 
  • This is the best way, I found to make sure the client buys at the right time and rest assured they have the floor and bathroom tiles they dreamed about.

The right time to look into buying floor tiles in France is at the beginning of a project.

Let’s say you have your loan in December or January.  The best time to visit floor tile stores is in the next two months.  One of the reasons is you still have some time.  You will have may other things to decide as you go along. And floor tiles is something you need the two of you to decide.  And it can take between 3 to 5 hours to come to a decision.  Once you have chosen your floor tiles it is easier to decide on the model for the kitchen or the bathroom furniture.  

The time of delivery

  • Another danger of not ordering on time is the fact that the trucks (lorries) don’t drive during the month of August.  The factories in Italy and Spain are closed for the summer holidays.  And in September it takes several weeks to fill the trucks and get the palettes to you.  If you have your floor tiles in stock, a tile layer can work during the month of August.

The right time for the floor tile layer

The right time for the tile layer
Tile layer
  • The best tile contractors are much solicited in the spring and the beginning of the summer.  Sometimes their program changes (because another couple hasn’t received their floor tiles yet.  And they may accept to take on your project in the meantime.  It all depends if your floor tiles are available at that moment.


In the area of Grenoble (French Alps) this website recommends floor tile stores where you can go in complete confidence.

We are not ourselves a tile shop.  We simply want to prepare our visitors for this important investment. 

The advice from  our recommended professionals  will help you avoid errors and give information that will make the buying decision easy.  

Best practice is to set up an appointment

Nowadays we don’t want to have to wait for hours before a salesperson can get to us and our project. In a store, he is often interrupted.

So the best thing to do is make an appointment (Rendez-vous) to choose the floor or bathroom tiles for your new house or renovation.

Even if your project has not yet started, but you have your house plans, it is the right time to fill out this contact form today.  You will receive several calls from our different partners and after discussing what you are looking for you can choose the offer your want.  (There is no obligation to buy).

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