About Look Carrelage

Look Carrelage

About our mission

Look Carrelage wants to present the best floor tile shops in each region of France.  So it’s about finding the right people to work with. For now, we are working on the French Alps area around Grenoble (Isère).

About Look Carrelage

In each French department we will recommend one or several flooring outlets where the owner and the sales team will not just take your order.  Any hardware store can do that.

What you want is a team that will fight for you to find technical solutions and give you interior decorator advice that will make your home a « chef d’œuvre ». (work of art)

About the articles

These articles were written by someone who sold floor tiles in the home. This vendor worked in the floor tile industry for 10 years of which 5 years he was selling floor tiles in the home.  Using « home parties » to sell floor tiles is a profession that doesn’t exist, but this alternative strategy was quite appreciated by his clients.  Working with one client at a time on an appointment basis, (where they felt free to ask all their questions) was very efficient to close sales. 

The other alternative was to be among three other couples waiting in a “showroom” for the overworked salesman to become available. And often you need an experienced person with interior decorator ideas to help choose the tiles as well as calculate the quantities.

And if it has to do with a renovation, doing a home demonstration of floor tiles and bathroom tiles, allows you to visualize how the tiles look in their home with the existing lighting or furniture. 

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Best of all, you create a mutual trust relationship. 

About your Chalet in the French Alps
Your chalet in the French Alps (photo Chalets Dutruel – Bernex)

Because a family will live with the choices made for many years.  They can’t afford to be in a hurry and not pay attention to details.  Ceramic tiles are an important element of decoration in a home because they create an atmosphere that reflects your personality.  And you don’t change tiles all that readily.

The fact is the answers to the buyer’s questions need to be precise and relevant because it is not every day you buy floor tiles.  . 

 About the quality of the answers

He worked directly with several manufacturers and was trained by the factory representative on all technical details.  That gave him the unique capacity to answer all the questions clients think of asking.  And you will find the answers in the different articles on Look Carrelage. 

He also did local consulting for tile stores, to help increase the foot traffic by using video and to improve the conversational skills of the salesmen.  And he was able to share the strategies he had learned to close sales and have clients become delighted with their experience.

About the way people prepare themselves to buy floor tiles

Things have changed.  The present generation does online research to find answers to their questions before taking the time to visit the ceramic tile store.  And it is not necessarily the store that gives out the best advice that gets the sale.  So this website exists so everyone can get the same useful tips before setting up an appointment.  That levels the playing field for floor tile store owners and saves a lot of time for everyone.

Build out your project with confidence

Finding the answers needed creates confidence that you will succeed.  To know, like, and trust the person you are working with is vital for a healthy customer relationship.  And as experienced salespersons know, each satisfied customer can bring in 2 new clients within the next 2 years.  And they may also become « repeat buyers ».  For who knows how many other projects they may have.

About a place to educate yourself

Look Carrelage is not a floor tile showroom but a place where clients who have a floor tile or bathroom tile project can come and find answers.  By reading these articles you will have the capacity to discern whether what you are buying is quality or not.

Does it cost more to be accompanied by specialists?

Does it cost more to be accompanied by specialists who have already helped hundreds of families decorate their homes?  Quite the contrary! In many cases, it will avoid costly mistakes that you will have to live with for many years.  And if you think you can get a better price in a DIY store, think again.  All specialized stores today can get factory prices too.  And that makes them ultra-competitive (for equal quality).

When your project is finished, we are hoping you will thank them warmly for helping you find the right floor tiles for your home and the helpful tips they gave you.  Your visitors will admire your choice of bathroom or floor tiles as well as the decoration of the comfort room.

You will find in each store we recommend , modern tiles as well as traditional tiles like marble floor tiles, patterned floor tiles, or terracotta floor tiles.

You will get access to the right price without sacrificing quality.  And our floor tile shops will meet the needs of every budget.

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