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We have specialized tile shop partners who know their business and where you can go fully confident you will get a good deal in all areas of France.  Looking to buy floor tiles in France?  You are in the right place. 

Just fill out the contact form below and they will contact you for an appointment.  Evaluate their offer according to your budget and needs.  (You are not obligated to buy).  

Looking for a discount on Floor Tiles?

People are looking for discount pricing for many items including ceramic tiles.  Perhaps you are a potential client and have been typing into the search engine phrases “bathroom tiles discount”, “cheapest floor tiles”, “bathroom tiles sale”, or “cheap tiles online”. 

Shopping for discounts and cheap prices

No doubt, you don’t want to part with your hard-earned money too easily.  Or perhaps your budget has run out for the reasons explained in this article.  But the fact is that the price you see always has a reason to be.

And when you buy floor tiles or bathroom tiles for a cheap price or at a discount, you need to be aware of why it is less expensive. You may think that you’ll find the cheapest prices in hardware or the DIY store where they sell all sorts of building supplies.  But you always pay for the quality you buy.  And specialized tile shops also have access to discounted prices.  But they will take the time to explain why these are the cheapest floor tiles or bathroom tiles with a discount.

In any case, these hardware stores, as well as specialized tile shops both, have factory representatives who know how to detect opportunities to get the best prices.  Sometimes it is an end-of-series with a closeout sale. Other times, a lot is selling too slowly, and the manufacturer creates a destocking operation to make space for a new lot that is coming. In that case, the factory representative can get premium-quality for a discounted price.

You only need to be aware that you buy what is available (no choices) and you need to buy some extra boxes to stay in the same color (hue) or gauge (caliber).  Because accidents do happen on the building site or during transport.  Make sure you buy at least 10% more than what is needed.  Because that lot will never be available again.

Upgrading downgraded tiles ?

This is where you need to be wary when you visit a warehouse whose specialty is discounted floor tiles.  The manufacturer was not able to sell these lots because of defaults that are not visible to the eyes of a non-professional. 

Here are the Most common Manufacturing defects that the buyer doesn’t see

  • The tiles have been over fired therefore fragile,
  • Caliber not compliant (this is the reason why floor tile layers will lay with large joints (5 mm + so they won’t have an issue with the client)  European standard is a 2 – 3 mm joint.   
  • Or a variation of hues too important.  This is why the tile manufacturer will sell to discount shops (more profitable and clients are ready to buy poor quality).  Because renting dumpsters can cost a lot. 

The temptation for discount stores is to upgrade a second or third commercial choice to first choice because the owner knows that the client is mainly looking for a price and won’t notice the difference.

Discount pricing – It was the same price…

“I once met a client that wanted to change their floor tiles after 5 years.  The surface was fractured, and the enamel was worn especially in the halls and in the kitchen.  I asked how much she had paid.  The price was the same as the “direct from the factory” pricing I was able to offer at the time …” The real cost, besides replacing the floor tiles, is that you also pay for the tile-layer a second time.

My advice is to go and see a specialist tile shop that only sells floor and bathroom tiles, rather than a do-it-yourself store. The ceramic tile shops also have factory representatives who can find discount prices.  But since they know their business, they will only sell the best quality at discounted prices.   We often think will get a better price in a hardware store.  But you usually pay for the quality you are getting. And today, even independent distributors belong to joint-buying organizations.

The main thing is to find a knowledgeable person to talk to who can get you the right price that fits your budget without selling you poor quality. 

To take the right decision

What makes independent tile stores stand out from the crowd is the counsel they give. They will accompany you and help you to make the right decision.  And your choice will be a source of pleasure for years to come…

On top of that, they will give your interior decorator ideas that will make your project something completely unique. 

If you want to meet our recommended floor tile stores in the French Alps area, please fill out the form below.  Our selected partners will contact you (free call without any obligation) to set up an appointment. 

Rather than visiting multiple suppliers, it is better to meet with a professional who knows where to find the style of floor or bathroom tiles you are looking for.  And with the Covid-19 (or not), it is always better to set up a Rendez-vous to work on this project.  

(Just follow the steps to fill out the form)

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