Are Floor tiles easy to clean?

Women are looking for floor tiles that are easy to clean. And this is often forgotten when we are looking for flooring.

Some couples are looking for the latest flooring mode like cement or resin floors.  They want to be unique and stand out from others.  

What happens if the floor is NOT easy to clean?

Machine to clean the floor

One of my clients wanted polished white floor tiles in some rooms and total black in other rooms.  I couldn’t dissuade them in spite of all my efforts.  Because they didn’t realize that though it looks great in a museum, there are cleaning technicians polishing the floor all day (and all night) so it stays clean.  They had 450 square meters of surface in their house. Yes, it was a 4800 square foot house). But every time someone came by, they had to clean.  

Of course, all visitors were asked to put on slippers.  But the couple had to buy a cleaning machine (as for the banks) to clean the 4800 square feet of their house.

A woman wants floor tiles that are …

  • Easy to clean,
  • can be disinfected, and where
  • the floor tiles are not easily smudged with frying fat or ice cream cones.

Some types of authentic flooring like marble, cement, or terracotta floor tiles in France are naturally porous. So every stain is a nightmare to get rid of.  And unlike ceramic tiles, it is very difficult to replace.

Want a floor that is easy to clean. Even when dirty, it doesn’t show?

For the person who cleans the floor, they would be delighted that when the floor is dirty, that it doesn’t show.

Of course you can choose marble or terracotta tiles but be sure to treat the surface regularly with the right products.  Because it is not compatible with the lifestyle of most people to have to clean all the time.

easy to clean (if your kids help)
You don’t want to have your kids do the cleaning, do you?

Floor tiles that are « imitations » of natural flooring

If you are mainly interested in the esthetic side of things, you will be surprised by what is called “the imitations”.  You can find porcelain tiles that look like cement, stone, marble, and wood.

They exist in different sizes and finishes. They are so well done that you can hardly distinguish them from the original.  And the fact that these tiles look like terracotta, marble, or stone pavements, nevertheless, they keep all the cleaning advantages of porcelain tiles.

You can easily find :

  • luxury floor tiles like marble or granite
  • « wood effect » floor tiles
  • Parquet style
  • Floor tiles that look like bluestone from Belgium

A modern woman doesn’t want to wash her house with buckets of water like yesteryear.  The biggest pleasure you can treat her to is buying floor tiles in France that are easy to clean.

All she needs is a broom and a microfiber to clean porcelain tiles.  She is looking for flooring that is easy to clean and disinfect. 

easy to clean
Easy to clean with a brush and a microfiber cloth

And what is even better is to find a type of floor tile that even if the house is dirty that you don’t see it.  There are porcelain tiles (white with gray veins) that do the job.

The marble style floor tile – easy to clean

I often had clients who showed me their floor tiles and asked with pride, « Guess since when I haven’t cleaned… »?

Looks like marble and easy to clean
Looks like marble and easy to clean

My advice is to go and see a specialized tile shop that only works with tiles.  It is better than hardware stores that are the “jack of all trades and the master of none”.  You might think that you get a better price in a DIY warehouse, but you always pay for the quality you buy.  Today, even independent floor tile stores in France are part of joint buying groups.  The main thing is to find the store that will get you the price that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.  

What makes independent floor tile stores stand out is the quality of their competent advice and the follow up needed to help you take the right decisions.  

So this is one mistake you want to avoid.  Don’t buy floor tiles without making sure that it is easy to clean.

To be put in contact with the best «  salles de carrelage » (tile shops) that we recommend for the French Alps, please fill out the contact form.  Our selected partners will contact you (free call and no obligation to buy) to set up an appointment.  Rather than going from one store to another (without seeing what you are looking for) it is better to have one advisor who can find the style of tiles you are looking for. 

If we are in a pandemic or not, it is always better to get an appointment to work on your project. 

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