Family Health and floor tiles

Choosing natural flooring without thinking of family health is another mistake you don’t want to make.

There are so many possibilities when shopping for flooring.  You can choose a wooden parquet, marble, natural stone, and even terracotta.  But experience shows that choosing porcelain tiles is best for the family.

Family health in danger with wood flooring
Wood floor

A parquet manufacturer I knew, had to replace the parquet he had in his whole house because his children were constantly sick.  « My children are allergic to the dust mites that hide in the interstices of the flooring”, he said. 

Is family health better preserved if we lay full-bodied porcelain stoneware?

It depends on the quality.  These full-bodied tiles have no emanel to protect the surface.  So if the tile only has a low-quality polish, it can show wear at some high foot traffic places in the house like in the kitchen and hallways.  The first layer of polish can show signs of wear after a time and give access to bacteria and stains.

What advantage do floor tiles have for family health?

Probably the main advantage for family health is the possibility to disinfect.  And that is so important for family health.  Because porcelain tile is not porous and will not stain or keep bacteria as is the case of wooden floors or concrete floors.

family health with parquet style
Floor tile parquet style

And now you can find floor tiles that look like parquet or wooden floors.  You can find marble floor tiles and even granite and you will obtain the atmosphere you want for your home.

The designers have, these last years, created multiple offers for every taste.  Each client will find what they are looking for.  And you will find these models in the tile shops of our Partners.

To be put in contact with our recommended tile shop partners as well as tile layers (contractors) just apply with the contact form.  You will receive several calls from selected floor tile stores in the French Alps with an offer to meet together (Rendez-vous).  The call is free and there is no obligation to buy.  However, they will be able to study your project, show you the models that interest you, and make an offer.  

If you have your house plans you can set up an appointment as soon as you are ready. If possible, you want to take care of your floor tiles as early as possible for the reasons that are explained here.

This article in French explains the issue of health.

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