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British living in France

While Brexit has already impacted the lives of British people who currently live in France, it will also affect those who have long-term plans to relocate here.

France has long been a popular place to retire to and many British second-home owners plan to one day change their holiday home into their main residence, not to mention those who still have intentions of buying their dream property in France.

Living costs in France are less than the UK

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Many of France’s rural regions have low living costs which make them popular with retirees.

What attracts Europeans living in France?

  • France’s excellent healthcare system
  • the cheap cost of living
  • nice climate,
  • interesting culture,
  • delicious food,
  • and proximity to the UK

These make it make it both attractive and affordable for British pensioners.

Oh, I forgot! Drinking a different wine every day !

Compared to the UK, property in France is cheap and this, combined with the relatively low cost of living (outside the big cities), has made France a popular destination for those who need a stretch a small pension to make ends meet.

However ownership of property in France has nothing to do with legal residency, as around 3 million French property second-home owners can testify.

Swiss professionals: Save money – Buy your floor tiles in France

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Alp Carrelage Thonon

Many Swiss residents with their international professionals and ex-pats also come to France to buy floor and bathroom tiles.  They get excellent quality for their money. And of course, trucks (lorries) can deliver the tiles and the accessories wherever there is a road!

German, Dutch, and other Northern European countries living in France

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Field of sunflowers

For German, Dutch, and other Northern European countries, France is a very attractive place to spend some time each year. The diversity of landscape, things to see as well as a reasonable distance to their country explains why France is a top tourist destination every year.

Many have a second home or would like to invest in a ski chalet, apartment, or alpine property in the French Alps for rental purposes (like with Airbnb) 

And to turn your house into your “home”, one of the first things to decide is the “ambiance” you want.  Changing the ceramic floor tiles in France is one of the best strategies for an interior decorator. And if you are looking for tiles online or want to buy floor tiles in France, you are in the right place.

In the French Alps, we are close to Italy and Spain which are major tile manufacturing countries.  And the prices are right. If you are looking for floor tiles for sale in France, you can get some great deals by working with our Partners.

And that is the purpose of the Look Carrelage (floor tile) website.

All other nationalities.

If you have plans to live in France, we are writing these articles in English to give you the opportunity to educate yourselves on buying floor tiles. You don’t want to take the risk to buy low-quality floor tiles that you’ll have to replace in 5 years’ time.  Because there are so many styles and all kinds of prices, it can be confusing. 

And Look Carrelage will guide you to the bathroom tiles or floor tiles you have been dreaming about. 

Sign in with the “contact form” and we will put you in contact with the leading tile shops in the area. You will also need to meet with floor tile layers and tile contractors. Right now you can meet with experienced tile store owners on an appointment basis. If you have your plans, come as soon as possible for the reasons you’ll find in this article.

Because it does take time to decide on the style you want in your home. Check how you can save time in the decision process by using our “Miss France” method

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