The Method “Miss France” to choose tiles

Method Miss France

It is sometimes a daunting task to choose the floor and wall tiles you really want to decorate your new home. You need a method. Here you will learn the secret “Miss France” method to help you decide.

Miss France Method
The “Miss France” Method

Even if your project is the renovation of your holiday cottage, it really doesn’t feel “home” until you have redecorated it yourself. But there are a number of options available and sometimes we don’t know where to start! That is why we need a method to help choose our floor tiles.

You waste a lot of time if you don’t have a method…

The other option is “flying” from one store to another to see what is available.  You don’t really see what you are looking for because the store doesn’t have room to present everything. But the fact is that most floor tile stores can find what you want, if you give them enough time.

However, if the tile salesperson (or you as the client) uses the following method, they will be able to visualize together the tiles the client is dreaming about.  Try it and you’ll be glad you did.  And it will save you a lot of time.  

A method so you don’t miss the target

We are buying floor tiles for the next 15 to 20 years so we can’t afford to miss the target. Contact our recommended tile shops here:

Look Carrelage has a  method that helps you choose, without any risk of regretting your choice.  Even if we are saying to take the time to choose, this method will get rid of all hesitation.  And decision paralysis will be a thing of the past.  So here is the method.

This method was taught to me by an experience tile vendor.  

« The only way to make the right decision”, he said « is to work by elimination.  It is like choosing Miss France (or the “Miss” of any country).  They are all beautiful.  But we don’t try to choose the one who will win right away.   We have a method to eliminate the ones that don’t have all our criteria.  And that way, we easily arrive at the finalists »

Choosing your floor tiles is like choosing “Miss France”.  They are all beautiful but to choose the ONE, we work by elimination!

Here is how you choose your floor or bathroom tiles

Ask the seller to lay the samples on the floor as he brings them in. (Yes, it is a bit of work, so I always asked the man to participate).  I usually determined before the meeting, the kinds of floor tile they were looking for.  And then I put 25 or 30 of my best sellers in the minivan.  If you are in a showroom, I would ask the salesperson to spread the different tiles on the floor as he brings in batches of different models.  It is difficult to compare by going from one display stand to another.  Take photos but don’t try to choose the one you like right away.     

The secret? Decide together which models do NOT please both of you and set them aside in a pile.

How to fine-tune or “narrow down” the decision

To narrow down and confirm the choice of tiles, a good salesperson will introduce into the pile other models including which are opposite to the initial idea.

If we say that we are interested in light gray (grey) tiles, add some other ones that are beige or even dark. The client can eliminate them immediately if it is not their taste.  But this method works to confirm the decision.  After all, if these other floor tiles were manufactured there is a market for them.

Other deciding factors.

method to choose the tiles that goes with your furniture
See how it looks with the furniture

Of course the lighting of your room and the style and color of your furniture is important especially if we are renovating a house.  I positioned the floor tiles under a table or a sofa so that the client can imagine it being there.  The style of the kitchen is also to be taken into account.  

And if the family has animals (dog or cat) it may be better to the client to choose a model that has a structure rather than too glossy.

All this helps to confirm your choice.

When we get to the 2 or 3 finalists, and to give the client time to think, the good strategy is to start taking the dimensions.  If we are talking about the bathroom to measure the different surfaces or take the measures from the plan) and get it on paper.  For the living and dining room, we also need to measure the perimeter for the baseboards.  Some will want to keep them in wood, but washing the floor can seep into the walls.  It is better to take the ones in ceramic supplied by the factory.

 (If there is still hesitation between the finalists during a second visit, the client can ask (if a box of samples is available) to spread on the floor 6 or 7 tiles together to visualize better).

The « Miss France » method helped many of my clients to come to a buying decision.  And your choice will be a pleasure for your eyes for years to come.

The website Look Carrelage is not a porcelain tile shop but a place where clients who have a tile project for their home can come and get educated on the question of ceramic tiles.  .We also have partners (tile stores as well as floor tile layers) with whom you won’t go wrong if you choose to work with them. 

To be put in contact with the best «  salles de carrelage » (tile shops) that we recommend in our area, please fill out the contact form.  Our selected partners will contact you (free call and no obligation to buy) to set up a meeting.  Rather than going from one store to another (without seeing what you are looking for) I suggest it is better to have one advisor who can find the style of tiles you are looking for. 

If we are in a pandemic or not, it is always better to get an appointment to work on your project. 

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