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start your project here

If you are ready to start your project and you have your house plans, you are ready to find your tiles in the French Alps. Please begin by filling out the contact form. 

Our trust-worthy tile shop partners will contact you soon. You will be able to start comparing prices and offers and choose the quote you want.  There is no risk for you (nor obligation to buy) because they will give you a free estimate.  And if you want to see what your home will look like, read this article.

Do you really want to create a work of art?

start by choosing your floor tiles
Start by choosing your floor tiles

Looking to buy floor tiles in France is fairly easy.  If you are looking for ceramic floor tiles in France, you need to know there are so many models available.   But it is not enough to know that there are floor tiles for sale in France.  You need to be guided to find suppliers for « french provincial bathroom floor tiles », « French country bathroom floor tiles” as well as something vaguer like “French-style bathroom floor tiles”.  Some are looking for « floor tile french pattern » or « patterned floor tiles France ».  (And still others have typed into the search engine « travertine floor tiles France » or « terracotta floor tiles France).  As you can see, the models, styles, as well as prices, are varied.  So it is better to take your time to make the right buying decision.

Our recommended tile shop partners in the French Alp area including Grenoble, Albertville, Chambéry, Valence, and Thonon will give you the counsel and ideas that will help to make your project a work of art.

Don’t forget, you will put a lot of money into things no one will see (like electricity, heating, and plumbing). But your choice of floor tiles will be visible to all and will be the first thing you see every morning. 

And your guests will also see the results of the choices you make today.  So we recommend taking the time with our specialists so that your decision is well thought out.

Take the time to avoid mistakes

start your project here
Can’t see the forest for the trees?
  • Afraid to make a mistake?
  • Decision paralysis because of so many options?
  • You don’t know where to start your project ?

These are all good reasons to work with our teams in the French Alps.  (Departments of Haute Savoie (74, Savoie (73), Isère (38), Drôme (26).  They have already helped hundreds of families to find their dream tiles for the living and dining room as well as decorating a cozy bathroom or comfort room.   And they can also give useful tips if you want to build a terrace or veranda in mountain areas.

Set up an appointment with our experienced client consultants

To work well together, set up a meeting where the advisor has the time to look at your project and guide you through the choices and catalogs.  The choice you make now will determine the atmosphere of your home for years to come.

Our counsellors rather work with you on an appointment (Rendez-Vous) basis so they can be totally concentrated on your project without interruption.  That way you can make all your decisions without haste.  Why not take half a day for that?

Like Mark Twain used to say:

The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.

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